Adult Services Programs

ADULT OUTPATIENT provides evidenced based therapy services to clients who are in need of short term psychotherapy. All adult programs serve clients who are 18 years of age and older.

THE CRISIS INTERVENTION AND STABILIZATION PROGRAM provides services during regular office hours and after hours. This program services adults, adolescents and children who are experiencing a psychiatric emergency or in need of evaluation for involuntary emergency chemical / psychiatric treatment. These services are provided in the Center as well as other locations in the community.

PSYCHOSOCIAL REHABILITATIVE SERVICES (PRS) is designed to help clients learn and improve skills needed to enhance their overall level of functioning, quality of life and ability to live as independently in the community as possible. PRS is offered in the clinic and the client's natural living environment. Social Skills, Illness Management, Interpersonal Skills and Independent Living Skills are several of the areas addressed as part of PRS.

CARE-COORDINATION SERVICES are designed to help clients gain access to needed medical, social, educational and other services. Components of this service include: Assessment, Care Planning, Referral and Linkage and Monitoring and Follow-Up. Examples of care-coordination may include referrals to: Legal resources, Transportation resources, Employment resources, Educational Resources, Medical Providers and much more.

PEER SUPPORT SERVICES are designed to empower clients to make changes and decisions regarding their treatment and recovery. A Peer Support Specialist serves as a mentor for clients. Examples of areas addressed include: Crisis Planning, Developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, Assistance with Substance Abuse, Building a Support system, and Individual and System Advocacy. Clients can also learn about their illness in the “HERO” Center-Helping Enhance Recovery Options.

DIMENSIONS: WELL BODY program is an evidence-based nutrition and weight management program teaching skills to promote physical health and well-being.

DIMENSIONS: TOBACCO FREE program is an evidenced-based program that helps participants move towards a tobacco free lifestyle.

HOMESHARE provides residential services to clients who have a history of lengthy hospitalizations and need continuous support to maintain community tenure. The Center contracts with trained individuals to provide the necessary support and supervision to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Child, Adolescent, and Family Services

The CHILD, ADOLESCENT AND FAMILY SERVICES division services youth up to age 18. The parents / guardians, along with the child, clinician, and psychiatrist form an important team who work together to set the goals for treatment. Referrals are accepted from public service agencies such as elementary, middle and high schools, Department of Juvenile Justice and Department of Social Services. In addition, families may become involved by self-referral.

GROUP THERAPY is offered to clients involved in treatment with the Child, Adolescent and Family Services Division. Clients are referred as appropriate.

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY is available to each client. Each individual client is provided treatment by a trained therapist.

FAMILY THERAPY OR MULTIPLE FAMILY GROUP THERAPY is provided to families who need to work on specific problems as a family and work on functioning as a safe and healthy family unit. Issues addressed may include; parenting skills, conflict resolution, anger management or other needs that require treatment.

MULTI-SYSTEMIC THERAPY is a service for youth, ages 11-16, at risk of out-of-home placement. Intensive guidance to children and their families is provided in the home several days a week for up to 5 months. Clients are referred as appropriate

SCHOOL BASED SERVICES- is a service provided in the Aiken and Barnwell county school systems (at designated schools) in order to increase accessibility and decrease stigma related to mental illness. The goal is to identify and intervene at early points in emotional disturbances and assist parents, teachers, and counselors in developing comprehensive strategies for resolving these disturbances. In addition to individual and family therapy, the School Based Therapists meet with teachers and other school personnel to coordinate services for students.

Mental health and substance abuse treatment is integrated to meet the needs of persons with co-occurring disorders (Mental Illness and Substance Abuse). Multiple formats are available including self-help, individual, group and family therapy. Services are offered to persons who do not yet see their substance abuse as a problem, for persons that have decided that substance use is a problem that they want to change and for persons who are substance free for 6 months.

DOUBLE-TROUBLE RECOVERY is a support group for adults ages 18-55 that have been diagnosed with a mental illness and substance abuse disorder. The participants help each other address a common problem.


Updated 7/1/16