As part of the intake process you will meet with a Master Level Clinician for a clinical assessment to help determine the best way to meet your needs. After your assessment, your case will be discussed with the treatment team to determine an appropriate course of treatment. If your case is opened at ABMHC, you will be contacted in writing with follow-up appointments with a therapist and psychiatrist. We do require that you see the therapist prior to the psychiatrist. It may be determined that you would be best served by another agency or co-served by another agency. In these circumstances you will be contacted in writing with the appropriate referrals. Quality services depend on the close working relationship between your therapist, staff, physician and yourself. As a client you have certain responsibilities. A client orientation handbook is provided upon intake for your review.

  1. Walk-ins are seen on a first come, first served basis. You should arrive to ABMHC no later than 3pm Monday-Friday to be seen that day. Waiting times will vary. You will need to bring proof of identification, discharge paperwork (if being discharged from the hospital, jail, substance abuse program or referred by a private provider), proof of income, insurance card and immunization record (Children-only).

  2. If you have private insurance contact your insurance company for a referral within your network prior to walking in. If ABMHC is not in your network, you will be referred back to the insurance company.

  3. We do not complete disability paperwork even if you are referred by an attorney.

  4. Do not expect to see a psychiatrist on your first visit or to receive medications from ABMHC on your first visit. NO benzodiazepines (e.g. Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan) will be given until you are seen by the ABMHC Psychiatrist and ONLY if the ABMHC Psychiatrist feels this is the most appropriate medication for you.

  5. Urine Drug Screens may be required upon intake and as part of the treatment process.