South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    If I or someone I know is having a mental health crisis, how do I get help?

A:   Call your local mental health center.  For after hours or holidays, there is an emergency access number.  Please visit S.C. Community Mental Health Centers and Facilities for contact information.

Q:    How can I access mental health counseling for adults or children?

A:     Visit our Web site, and click on the "Centers and Hospitals" button on the left side.  Select the center located nearest to you for contact information.

Q:    How can I obtain a mailing list of registered professional counselors in South Carolina?

A:    Contact Patricia Glenn at 803-896-4664 with the S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.  For a comprehensive list, you may also search at:  South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Information Search System.

Q:   To whom do I direct a concern or complaint about SCDMH?

A:    Concerns or complaints about a particular Community Mental Health Center or Hospital should be directed to the Center or Hospital Director. For SCDMH Directory Information.  In addition, concerns and complaints may be directed to the Consumer Advocate located at each Community Mental Health Centers and the DMH Hospitals. 

Q:    How can I volunteer within the South Carolina Department of Mental Health?

A:    The Department of Mental Health welcomes individuals who are interested in providing this most valuable service.  For more information please call 803-898-8581 or visit Volunteer Services.

Q:    How can I obtain genealogy/patient records?

A:     To obtain records or information about individuals who were cared for by the Department of Mental Health, you may contact the Patient Records at (803) 898-0156, for older archived records call 935-5007.

You may also get information from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 8301 Parklane Road, Columbia, South Carolina  29223, 803-896-6205.
Web site search:

Q:    Where are the SCDMH employment opportunities located on site?

A:     The South Carolina Department of Mental Health lists its job openings at

Q:     How does the SCDMH define "mental health professional"?

A:     The definition of "mental health professional" will vary, depending on the level of experience required for the position being advertised.  A good guide to follow:

Nurses who have a bachelor's and master's degree in nursing, to perform case management services, nursing services, including medication administration/management/compliance groups, health education groups, maintains reports and documents according to local, federal and state guidelines.

Mental Health Counselors who have a master's degree in guidance, counseling, psychology, social work, or the social sciences to perform assessments, provide individual/family/group counseling, collaborate and participate in team meetings.

Clinical Counselors who have a bachelor's degree in guidance, counseling, psychology, social work, or the social sciences to perform therapeutic services to individuals/groups to increase client skills and community tenure.

Mental Health Specialists who have a high school diploma, or any combination of training and experience working with psychiatric clients to help clients in taking care of basic needs and daily activities of living.

Additional requirements may be applicable for individual positions.

Q:    How do I get verification of past employment with SCDMH?

A:    Contact  SCDMH Division of Human Resource Services at

Updated 3/26/15