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Aiken-Barnwell Mental Health Center
1135 Gregg Highway
Aiken, SC 29801
Phone: 803.641.7700
Fax: 803.641.7709 (Administration)
Fax: 803.641.7713 (Medical Records)

Hartzog Center
431 West Martintown Road
North Augusta, SC 29841
Phone: 803.278.0880
Fax: 803.278.6791

Polly Best Center
916 Reynolds Road
Barnwell, SC 29812
Phone: 803.259.7170
Fax: 803.259.2934

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About Aiken-Barnwell

ABMHC is one of 17 community mental health centers providing behavioral services to families, adults, and children who are diagnosed with mental illness. Intervention, prevention and recovery services may include: Assessment, Therapy, Care-Coordination, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Peer Support, and Community Collaboration.† ABMHC serves the residents of Aiken and Barnwell counties, SC, rural communities. †Aiken Barnwell Mental Health Center has provided essential behavioral services to the residents of Aiken & Barnwell counties since July 1, 1965.

ABMHC adopted the Six Pillars of Excellence as identified by the Studer Group- Service, Quality, People, Finance, Growth, and Community- to demonstrate our commitment in making ABMHC the leader in behavioral care in Aiken and Barnwell Counties. The Six Pillars of Excellence are the foundation for our mission and provides the framework to help us align and prioritize operational goals, develop a strategic plan, and communicate our progress and outcomes to our stakeholders.

Quality- ABMHC provides safe, effective and evidenced based behavioral health care that can be defined, measured and published.† ABMHC is committed to leading the community in improving health status and access to care. We take pride in what we do.

Service-Our job is to exceed customer (clients, families, stakeholders, employees) expectations at every turn thus establishing ABMHC as the preferred provider of choice in Aiken and Barnwell counties.

People- We recognize that being the behavioral health care provider and employer of choice means recruiting, developing and retaining a competent, culturally diverse, motivated and productive workforce. Every team member is selected for their leadership, professionalism, expertise, compassion and commitment to the values that set ABMHC apart.

Finance- It is our responsibility to provide cost-effective, compassionate care and excellent services to our payers and clients. We will demonstrate fiscal responsibility and accountability to advance our mission and values.

Growth- ABMHC is committed to the continual pursuit of new and better ways of serving our customers. We stay abreast of clinical practices and technological advances. We offer continuing education and training for all our team members. We are also a training resource for individuals pursuing mental health careers.

Community-ABMHC actively partners with local and regional organizations and service agencies to effectively meet the needs of the community and to increase the publicís awareness of mental health issues, mental health treatment and access to treatment.

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