February 2, 2012

Aiken Barnwell Mental Health Center Announces Public Relations Campaign 2012

About twenty percent of American Adults suffer some sort of mental illness each year and about five percent experience a serious disorder that disrupts work, family, or social life.  Slightly less than half the people with any mental illness and only sixty percent of those with serious, disabling ones get treatment each year (David Brown, Washington Post 1/19/12). According to the World Health Organization in 2001, Mental Illness was the top cause of disability in the United States, Canada & Western Europe.

Aiken Barnwell Mental Health Center is pleased to announce its Public Relations Campaign 2012.
According to Tamara Smith, Program Manager for Community Rehabilitative Services & Project Director for Integration, “Recovery & Community Events provide a unique opportunity for ABMHC to increase public awareness of mental health disorders as well as the services and support options offered in the local community. In addition, these events provide an opportunity to strengthen existing partnerships with our community partners and stakeholders.”   With this in mind, ABMHC has adopted SAMSHA’s Recovery Theme 2012, “Prevention Works, Treatment is Effective and People Recover.”

ABMHC has planned the followingevents with additional events to be announced at a later date.
An Open House Drop In   March 20, 2012 1:30-4:30pm
Celebration of Courage Art Display May 2012
Free Depression Screenings October 4, 2012

In addition, ABMHC has a Speakers Bureau.  Professionals with varying backgrounds and expertise may be available to speak to your organization regarding a variety of mental health topics.

Aiken Barnwell Mental Health Center is one of the seventeen Community Mental Health Centers operating under the South Carolina Department of Mental Health.  ABMHC provides an array of Behavioral HealthCare Services for the residents of both Aiken & Barnwell Counties.   If you or someone you know needs Behavioral HealthCare, please contact ABMHC at 803-641-7700.

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