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Updated 5/51/09


Computers are a Great Resource Tool at Public Libraries
By Katherine M. Roberts

Published in the Fall 1998 issue of "Great Expectations," SCDMH Consumer Perspective Newsletter

Did you know that at most public libraries you have free access to the Internet?  Using a computer can make finding information on mental illnesses and services for people with mental illnesses a lot easier. (South Carolina Public Libraries)

If you want to look for information on consumer publication try logging on to the Web page sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at .  You can also log on to sponsored by the Mental Health Network, or sponsored by the National Empowerment Center.

If you are looking for information on schizophrenia or depression log on to .  These Web pages are sponsored by the National Alliance for Research.

Information on new or older medications can be found at which is the Web pages sponsored by the American Pharmaceutical Companies.  Trying to find information on insurance, especially Medicare and Medicaid can often be difficult.  The Health Care Financing Administration (FCFA) has a Web page at to help answer Medicare and Medicaid questions.  The South Carolina Department of Insurance also sponsors a Web page at

If you want to try gathering facts about many different kinds of services, what is going on in the advocacy world, updates and breakthrough in treatments, medications, research and support from all over the country, try these sites:

The Mental Health Association and the Alliance for the Mentally are both wonderful sources of information from everything from research and medications to advocacy and support.  Happy surfing! ***

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