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The Budget and Control Board’s Center for Excellence provides well-equipped facilities and professional services to meet a wide range of training needs among governmental and other organizations in the South Carolina Midlands.

Located one block from the State House grounds in downtown Columbia, the Center offers more than 3,500 square feet of space in settings which can accommodate groups ranging from 15 people in an executive conference setting to more than 80 people in an auditorium-style arrangement.

A total of six training rooms are available in the Center: four general purposes rooms with capacities of 30-40 people each, the computer training room with a capacity of 12, and the conference-style room with seating for 12-20 persons.

All general purpose training rooms come equipped with screens, television monitors and other audio/visual equipment for use in classroom presentations. Three of the rooms have movable chairs and tables to accommodate various arrangements and layouts. A fourth training room has permanent capacity for 26 people in tiered seating with individual computer outlets.

Conference Room.  This room features conference table and chairs suitable for 12-20 people. 

Computer Lab.  This specially-equipped room has 12 computers and an instructor work station for computer and computer-based training.

Room 115. This multi-purpose room has more than 650 square feet in a 32 feet by 20 feet configuration and can accommodate 25-to-40 people. Seating arrangement is flexible, and there is also a small sink and outlets for preparation of coffee or other refreshments.


Rooms 201 and 202. These side-by-side training rooms may accommodate 35-50 people each, depending on seating arrangements, and each comes equipped with projector, screen, VCR, television monitors and podium. One room is 39 feet by 18 feet (more than 700 square feet) and the other is 39 by 40 feet (780 square feet). The two rooms are separated by an accordion partition, and when opened, the combined room becomes suitable for large auditorium seating of 80-90 people, or for luncheons or other formal occasions.


Room 213. This 35-foot by 20-foot room is equipped with permanent tiered seating for 26 persons in a setting especially conducive to executive-style training. Each of the work stations is equipped with computer outlets.

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