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wpe2.jpg (12599 bytes)Brock, Jonathan
Jon Brock is the University of Washington Campus chairperson of the Policy Concensus Center, a new joint venture with Washington State University to provide conflict resolution services for environmental and other policy disputes in Washington State. He was founding Chair of the Cascade Center, one of the largest public sector executive training programs in the United States, and also founded the Electronic Hallway, which distributes case study materials for public leadership training.  He is an Associate Professor in the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington.  His teaching and research specialties include courses in leadership, human resources management, labor relations, and conflict resolution. Jon Brock served for two years on loan to the U.S. Secretary of Labor as Executive Director of a two-year study on labor management cooperation in state and local government and has served two previous secretaries of labor in management and policy positions.  He serves periodically as a consultant to major non-profit and public agencies in the Northwest.  Professor Brock is the author of several award winning books, articles and reports, and of numerous case studies on public and non-profit leadership issues.

David, Ronald
Ron David has pursued a multi-path career in medical, governmental and most recently, theological service.  He was chief resident in pediatrics at the Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, served as a fellow in neonatal-pediatric medicine at Magee Women's Hospital, and was on the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine.  He later served as Chief Medical Officer for the D.C. Health and Hospitals Public Benefit Corporation.  In public service, Dr. David was Deputy and later acting Secretary of Health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has taught classes in health policy at the Kennedy School of Government, where he continues to serve as adjunct lecturer for the Senior Executives in State and Local Government program.    In 2003, Dr. David earned a Master of Divinity Degree from Virginia Theological Seminary and served as Associate Chaplain at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.  Currently, Dr. David is Ordained Priest, Episcopal Church USA, Los Angeles Diocese, and is Lecturer and Research Associate for the UCLA School of Public Affairs.

Fenn, Dan H.
A lecturer at the Kennedy School and the Business School at Harvard since 1969, Dan Fenn is a visiting professor at Tufts University and the Baruch College of the City University of New York and, since 1986, he has been senior associate at the John W. McCormack Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Professor Fenn served on the executive staff of President John F. Kennedy, and was the first director of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. He was vice chairman of the U. S. Tariff Commission, and makes his home in historic Lexington, Mass., where he is a member of the Colonial Militia and served two years as a Town Selectman. Professor Fenn has been Curriculum Coordinator for the case study segment of the Executive Institute since the Executive Institute was established in 1991.

Katz, Nancy
As Associate Professor of Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Nancy Katz specializes in maximizing the effectiveness of team-based organizations. through her research, teachings, and consulting, Dr. Katz strives to help mission-driven organizations, especially government agencies and nonprofits.  Dr. Katz designed and teaches a highly-rated module in executive education entitled, "Leading High Performance Teams."  She served as faculty co-chair of the Washington D.C.-based program, "Driving Organizational Performance."  Dr. Katz has trained and advised hundreds of senior managers from organizations including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Central Intelligence Agency, State Department, Government Accountability Office, Justice Department, General Services Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Office of Personnel Management, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Kelly, Janet

Janet Kelly teaches public finance and nonprofit financial management in the Master of Public Administration at the University of Tennessee.  She also does private consulting with states, local governments and nonprofit organizations in areas of financial management and performance auditing.  Dr. Kelly is the former Albert A. Levin Professor of Urban Studies and Public Service at the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University.  She published Performance Budgeting for State and Local Government with co-author William C. Rivenbark and a series of scholarly articles on performance management.  Previously, Dr. Kelly was Assistant Professor for the Department of Political Science at the University of Tennessee and was Director of the Master of Public Administration Program in the Department of Political Science at Clemson University. Before joining the program at Clemson, she was an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Bowling Green State University, Instructor of Political Science at Wayne State University and Fiscal Analyst for the South Carolina Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.

Mandell, Brian
Brian Mandell is Lecturer in Public Policy and Director of the school's Negotiation project.  He is also Chair of the Wexner-Israel and Kokkalis Fellowship programs at the School.  His current teaching and research address the theory and practice of negotiation, emphasizing third-party facilitation and consensus building in domestic and international protracted policy disputes.  Before coming to Harvard, Dr. Mandell taught at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa.  Previously, he was a strategic analyst for the Canadian Department of national Defense, specializing in UN peacekeeping and the implementation of arms control agreements.  Dr. Mandell is also a Pew Faculty Fellow and Senior Research Associate at the Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Sullivan, Neil J.
Neil Sullivan has been on the faculty at Baruch College in New York City for 25 years, where he has taught courses in politics, public administration, administrative law and business-government-relations.  Prior to coming to Baruch in 1978, Dr. Sullivan was an Assistant Professor at Douglass College and Rutgers University in the political science department.  Dr. Sullivan has become a nationally prominent critic, analyst and author of professional baseball, and he has published four books on the topic. 


Byrd, James  (1996)
Senior Advisor and Program Manager
Department of Insurance

Edelhoch, Marilyn  (1991)
Director of Research and Evaluation
Department of Social Services

Koonce, Kaye L.  (1993)
General Counsel and Senior Vice President
Trident Technical College

Martin, Jeffery S.  (1994)
Director, Conference and Guest Programs
The Madren Center
Clemson University

Metts, Isaac S.  (1995)
Associate Provost
The Citadel

Ransom, Bruce  (2003)
Assistant to President, Professor and
Chair of the Policy Studies Program
Clemson University

Sheheen, Fred R.  (1993)
Director, Center for Citizenship
Institute of Public Affairs, University of South Carolina
Director, Non-Profit Leadership Institute
Francis Marion University


Tina Joseph Hatchell

Paulette M. Redfern 
Assistant Director

Vivian Alston            
Administrative Assistant

Philip G. Grose          
Senior Consultant

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