Exports of forest products from South Carolina amounted to $1.25 billion in 2019, almost 12% less than those reported in 2018 and 7% below export levels in 2015. Exports from the top three industries -paper & paperboard, woodpulp, and solid wood products- represented 49%, 35% and 9% of the total reported for 2019 respectively; whereas those from the three bottom sectors: wood furniture, wood chemicals, and equipment/machinery used for pulp & paper manufacturing, together accounted for the remaining 7%.

Asian markets accounted for 39% percent of all wood products exports from South Carolina in 2019, Europe for 27%, and Mexico and Canada for 18%. Central/South America, Africa, and Australia/Oceania accounted for 10%, 4% and 2% of the state’s exports in 2019 respectively. Of the 123 total trade partners in 2019, the top five -Canada, China, Mexico, India, and Italy- accounted for 41% of the total value of exports that year

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$1.25 Billion

2019 Total Exports

-11.5% Change

From 2018

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