Assistance is provided for forest, wood products, and related business development.  In addition, trade development activities are carried out to increase markets for South Carolina wood products.

The Forest Products Mill Directory and Maps show detailed lists and locations for all wood and paper-related manufacturing operations in the state.

Rural Community Assistance Program - (Opens in a new window.)

Forest Resource Development Conference - (October 28, 2009)

Other Services and Resources

  • Wood Product business location or expansion assistance.
  • International Trade information and assistance.
  • Forest Inventory Analysis Reports, statewide and customized.
  • Timber Products Output Reports.
  • Sources of supply.

Media Resources

Core Forest Statistics for South Carolina

South Carolina Forestry's 2015 Project

Online Job Shadowing

Forester - (opens in a new window) Video module of a forester.

Forester - (opens in a new window) Youtube summary of forester online job shadow.


20x15 Forestry Summit

Economic Impact Analysis of SC's Forestry Sector, 2015


Kodama: Forestry - A Growing Industry

Hughes: Economic Contribution of Forestry

Lupold: Analysis of Forest Resource Trends

Danskin: Assessment After 2014 Ice Storm

Vitner: US Economic Outlook

Arias: SC Forest Products Marketing Update

Layton: Helping to Create Market Demand



Speaker Bios

Forestry's Impact

State of SC's Forests

2014 Ice Storm Damage Report


Forest Resource

Forests of South Carolina, 2016 (At A Glance) (USFS report,pdf)

Forests of South Carolina, 2016 (Full Report) (USFS report,pdf)

Forests of South Carolina, 2011 USFS report, pdf)

Number of Mills in South Carolina

Value of SC Timber Delivered to Mills, 2015 (pdf)

SC Timber Products Output and Use, 2013 (pdf)

Delivered Timber Value - 2011 (pdf)

South Carolina Harvest and Utilization Study, 2011 (pdf -opens in another window)

South Carolina Harvest and Utilization Study, 2006(pdf opens in a new window)

Assessing the Potential For Biomass Energy Development in South Carolina, 2009 ( pdf opens in a new window)


Economic Impact

Economic Impact Analysis of SC's Forestry Sector, 2017 (pdf)


U.S. Southern Region Forest Products Export Report, 2017 (pdf)

SC Forest Products Exports Fact Sheet, 2016 (pdf)

SC Forest Products Exports Review, 2015 (pdf)

Forest Products Market Profile: India (pdf)

Forest Products Market Profile: Costa Rica (pdf)

Economic Impact Of SC's Forest Products Export Cluster (pdf)




Contact Tim Adams for more information on forest and wood product development or write to:

South Carolina Forestry Commission
P.O. Box 21707
Columbia, SC 29221
Fax: 803-798-8097


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