Resources for Parents

DJJ recognizes that parents play the most important role in preventing juvenile delinquency in South Carolina and ensuring that our children remain safe and healthy. And while DJJ deals primarily with children who are either at-risk or already referred to the juvenile justice system, we also want to address the parents of South Carolina who may be having problems with their children or who may simply want to learn more about prevention tools, the juvenile justice system in South Carolina, and children's resources in their communities.

The Juvenile Justice Process in South Carolina -- A primer on how juvenile justice works in our state, including details on each stage of the process.

The DJJ Community Services Manual (pdf) -- with detailed information on local and statewide programs for juveniles

South Carolina Legal Statutes Relating to Juvenile Justice -- A compendium of laws relating to juvenile justice in South Carolina

DJJ Videos -- View or download videos for parents, children, and educators

Parents' Guide to Gangs (from the national Office of Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention)-- A brochure highlighting warning signs of gang activity and what parents can do about it

A Parent and Juvenile Fact Sheet on the DJJ Intensive Supervision Program -- Some brief questions and answers regarding DJJ's program for juveniles who've been released from long-term incarceration, aimed at parents and juveniles

Local Resources -- Resources in your home county (for more detailed information, see our Community Services Manual)

Statewide Resources -- Resources for all South Carolinians

Resources on the Web  -- Educational and informational resources on the internet (note that DJJ does not necessarily endorse, support, or agree with the information or opinions on these pages. We are providing them solely as an educational resource)