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Investment Division
Investment Statutes

11-9-660 Investment of State Funds

11-13-60 Collateral instead of indemnity bond of depository


SECTION 11-9-660.  Investment of State Funds.

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SECTION 11-13-60.  Collateral instead of indemnity bond of depository.

A bank or savings and loan association, upon the deposit of state funds by the State Treasurer in excess of insurance coverage by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, shall furnish an indemnity bond in a responsible surety company authorized to do business in this State in an amount that will protect the State against loss in the event of insolvency or liquidation of the institution or for any other cause. A bank or savings and loan association, in lieu of the indemnity bond, may pledge as collateral for the deposits, obligations of the United States, obligations fully guaranteed both as to principal and interest by the United States, obligations of the Federal National Mortgage Association, the Federal Home Loan Bank, Federal Farm Credit Bank, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or general obligations of this State or any political subdivision of it. The State Treasurer shall exercise prudence in accepting the securities listed as collateral. The surety or collateral must be filed with the State Treasurer at time of deposit

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