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ITMO issues new ESRI State Contract

The Information Technology Management Office (ITMO) is pleased to announce that it has has entered into a Statewide contract agreement with Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) that will allow State and local government entities to purchase ESRI's full complement of commercial off-the-shelf ArcGIS software and extensions at a discounted fee. 

This agreement will streamline geographic information system (GIS) software procurement and administration, facilitate GIS software distribution to staff throughout the State and help South Carolina continue to lead the country in the use of GIS to more efficiently manage government.
GIS is used by multiple State and local government organizations in order to save lives and money through better decision making, asset tracking and efficient vehicle routing by analyzing locations in ways that other types of software simply cannot offer. In South Carolina, GIS has been used for years to map property locations, roads, locations of crimes, businesses, rivers, etc. 

In addition, numerous state agencies currently use the mapping technology provided by ESRI to assist in important work such as evacuation routes for emergency response, maintaining the statewide database of road information and helping manage registered sex offenders throughout the state.

MapThe core technology for ESRI is the ArcGIS software, which is an open and interoperable technology platform that provides spatial analysis, geographic data management, advanced visualization and cartographic capabilities and more. ArcGIS software is a complete system designed to author, serve and use geographic information. The technology allows geographic information to be accessed by those who need it, including analysts, decision makers, field staff and the public, through its support of mobile, Web and desktop clients.

The State GIS Coordinator – a relatively new position, having been in operation for just over a year – is located in Columbia and works for the S.C. Geographic Information Council in an effort to assist participating agencies and act as an information resource for both state and local government organizations. For more information on coordination efforts or the S.C. Geographic Information Council, please contact Dr. Tim De Troye via e-mail or by calling (803) 734-3894.  

The ESRI State Contract products and price list can be viewed at the ITMO ESRI State Term Contract Web page. For information regarding this contract, please contact Shirley McCandless, via e-mail or by calling (803) 896-7999.

For information on ESRI contact Ed Yankowski at ESRI-Charlotte by calling (704) 541-9810, ext. 8670.