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Health and Human Services


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Vital Statistics, Birth Certificates,
Environmental Permits,
Certification of Health Care Facilities,
Disease Control and Epidemiology,
Environmental Quality Control,
Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
Arrow_r3.wmf (1148 bytes) Department of Health and Environmental Control
Alzheimer's Resource Coordination Center,
Human Services Coordinating Council,
Social Services Block Grant,
State Child Health Plan - Title XXI
Arrow_r3.wmf (1148 bytes) Department of Health and Human Services
Geodetic Survey,
Technology Planning and Management,
Health and Demographics,
Arrow_r3.wmf (1148 bytes) Office of Research and Statistics
Adult Services and Case Management,
Child Support Enforcement,
Family Independence / Welfare Reform,
Food Stamps / Electronic Benefits Transfer,
Medical Support,
Family Preservation and Child Welfare Services
Arrow_r3.wmf (1148 bytes) Department of Social Services
SC State Human Resources Regulations,
Information about State Job Titles and Pay Bands,
Job Vacancies in State Government
Arrow_r3.wmf (1148 bytes) Office of Human Resources

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