Trees growing in cities and towns, collectively, encompass “urban and community forests.”  Urban and community trees are essential components of community infrastructure that provide a multitude of benefits to improve the local environment, economy and human health and well-being.
Management of healthy, sustainable, community forests involves careful planning, protection, selection, and proper planting and maintenance.  Healthy urban forests maximize community benefits and improve quality of life in communities.
Urban forest cover in the U.S. is consistently declining at devastating rate of about 175,000 acres per year (36 million trees), as impervious surfaces, such as buildings, roads, sidewalks, parking lots and driveways, dramatically increase with the progression of  urbanization. 
To improve the health and sustainability of urban and community forests, communities must recognize the tremendous importance of urban trees and green infrastructure and improve the management of these assets through effective planning and more proactive approaches that focus on tree preservation during development, higher standards of care in maintenance and more aggressive canopy replacement planning to balance tree loss attributed to clearing for development, aging and insect and disease attack.


SCFC U&CF Program Assistance & Contact 

The program's goal is to help foster, support and enhance long-term, sustainable, urban and community forestry programs within communities. We provide technical, educational and financial assistance, primarily to cities, towns, non-profit organizations, and county governments.

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For Communities

South Carolina Forestry Commission Scholarship Program Information

Resource for Request for Bid

Sample Requests for Bids (Tree Inventory, Canopy Mapping or Management Plan) (word)

Sample request for proposal: Tree Risk Assessment (word)


Examples of Urban Forestry Management Plans

Charlotte, NC (link)

Decatur, GA (link)


Resources for Tree Ordinances

Sample Tree Ordinance No. 1 (word)

Sample Tree Ordinance No. 2 (word)


Green Infrastructure Projects

Stormwater Calculator Blank Spreadsheet (excel)

Technical Instructions for TSW Spreadsheet (pdf)

TSW Codes and Ordinances (excel)




For Landowners and Educators

Community Forestry Events

ISA Certified Arborist Two-Day Prep Class - October 5-6, 2021


Webinar Series for Planning Commissioners - September 21, 2021. This webinar starts at 11 a.m. and lasts 1 hour.  Arborists, Planners, and SC Board and Commission members are able to use the live webinar as a way of obtaining ISA, AICP and SCPEAC continuing education credits.  You must watch the webinar live to receive the credits.

Other Educational Opportunities
The links below are just a few of the websites that offer workshops/conferences and webinars that award ISA certified arborist continuing education credits.  The links provided may not include current opportunities, but should be checked periodically for new events.  Applicants are encouraged to visit other websites and familiarize themselves with the guidance sheet to determine if an event qualifies for a scholarship. 


Trees SC website:  http://www.treessc.org/

International Society of Arboriculture

Arbor Day Foundation 'Partners in Community Forestry Conference'

NC Urban Forestry Council:  https://www.ncufc.org/events.php (There are 2 webinars coming up)

Georgia Urban Forestry Council: https://gatreecouncil.org/what-we-do/programs/

Georgia Arborist Association : https://georgiaarborist.org/All-Events



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