South Carolina Teachers’ Tour

Teaching Sustainable Forestry
in Environmental Education

2013 Tour

What is the SC Teachers’Tour ?

The S.C. Teachers’ Tour is a 5-day intensive environmental education workshop and tour of forests and forest industry in South Carolina. The purpose of the entire 5-day class is to provide an unbiased look into the impact sustainable forestry has on our state’s economy, environment, and quality of life, and to equip teachers to take that knowledge into the classroom.

Teachers are trained in the use of Project Learning Tree materials and learn from forest industry professionals about current forest issues and sustainable forest management practices. The tour will take teachers to various forest product mills, publicly and privately owned forests, special forest heritage sites, and forest harvesting operations.

What topics are covered during the tour?

2013 Tour

What do teachers get out of taking the tour?

Teachers gain the knowledge and experiences necessary to effectively teach and discuss forests issues that affect our state. Along with this are a vast variety of resource materials that are useful in their classrooms. Resources include posters, books and technical manuals, literature, teacher packets describing various industries, and a flash drive full of valuable facts, articles, and other data pertaining to forestry and forest issues. Teachers are also furnished with a list of contacts they can use to arrange for foresters and other professionals to visit their classes or arrange field trips during the school year. Teachers will also receive training in PROJECT LEARNING TREE, an award winning activity-based multi -disciplinary environmental education curriculum designed to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Can I get credit for this workshop?

Three hours of non-degree graduate credit is awarded by the College of Charleston that can be used for certification purposes. A nominal fee is charged by the college for this and additional work is required before the Teachers Tour begins.

How much does it cost to take the tour?

All meals, lodging, materials, and transportation during the tour are provided FREE by donations from the members of the S.C. Teachers Tour Coalition, who sponsor the tour.

2013 tour

S.C. Teachers’ Tour Sponsors

The SC Teachers’ Tour is sponsored by the South Carolina Forestry Foundation and the South Carolina Forestry Commission. Funding is provided by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative through the SC Forestry Foundation and its business partners and individual and corporate scholarship donations.

Who can attend?


How can I attend the SC Teachers Tour?

Teachers interested in attending this year’s tour must submit an application. For more information on this year’s tour and for an application, visit the Tour’s page at :




2018 Sustainable Forestry Teachers’ Tour Summary

Take a look at the previous Teacher's Tour Summary.


Quotes from previous participants:

"I have taken many courses over the years and I can truly say this was one of the best. Everything was well organized, all the information was useful and could be put into practice in the classroom. The resources were also some of the best I’ve been given. This tour has given me far more than I expected.  I would recommend this program to others. It has been one of the most useful classes I’ve taken." - Gwen Lawrimore - Beck Middle School - Georgetown

“This was extremely teacher friendly and practical for classroom use. It has opened many possibilities for my classroom and outdoor teaching.”
-Nancy Peeples, Addlestone Hebrew Academy, Charleston, SC2013 Tour

 This was the best teacher training course I’ve ever attended. We were treated first class and it was nice to be told how much we were appreciated instead of how poor our schools and teaching are."- Robert (Bob) Davis - West End Elementary School – Easley, SC

“I most enjoyed being with other teachers who are willing to learn new things.  We were treated with such respect and appreciation.” Melinda Beach, St. John Neumann Catholic Elementary, Columbia

“Best workshop I’ve attended in 40 years of teaching!” Carolyn Williams, St. John Neumann Catholic Elementary, Columbia

2013 Tour


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