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If you are a forest landowner, chances are you need the technical assistance of a forestry professional. You may be concerned about protecting your land from forest fire. You may want to purchase forest tree seedlings or rent planting equipment. You may be interested in financial assistance for forestry practices or need advice about marketing your timber.

If you are a developer, city planner, or urban land owner you may want to consult with a forester about tree planting, native species, insect or disease problems, and tree care.

The Forestry Commission is the agency charged with protection and stewardship of our state's woodlands. Our services are available to every citizen, including you.


The Commission forester working in your county will examine your woodland, at your request, free of charge. Based on how you visualize the use of your land, he or she will write a management plan tailored to your property. Your plan will include descriptions of each stand, recommended practices to suit your objectives, and a map. The plan will also include suggestions on how to accomplish recommended work. Timber marking and prescribed burning services are offered for a fee. There are several options available in South Carolina for financial assistance with forestry practices. Your Commission forester can determine whether or not you qualify and assist with your application.


As our urban areas expand, the importance of growing and maintaining healthy trees in city spaces will increase. Foresters work with urban residents, city planners, developers, contractors and local government to improve the quality of our environment.


The Commission periodically surveys the state for forest insect and disease infestations. Because the Commission's central office has an entomologist and a forest pathologist working out of a fully equipped diagnostic lab, your county forester has access to up-to-date information about local problems and measures for control.


To assist the state's wood land owners with reforestation, the Commission sells forest tree seedlings. Several native pine and hard wood species are available. Forestry Commission offices have seedling price lists and order forms and they also have equipment you may lease to help you plant and maintain your new forest.


The Forestry Commission has a statewide wildfire prevention, detection and control network in place. Call the Forestry Commission emergency number to report a forest fire or to request forest law enforcement assistance. To reduce the potential for destructive forest fire on your land, the Commission may recommend placement of firebreaks and, for a minimal charge, construct breaks on your property. To further reduce wildfire and smoke hazards, a Commission forester can prepare a prescribed burning plan for your property and can assist with conducting the burn.


The Commission manages Sand Hills, Manchester, and Harbison State Forests for multiple forestry and public education purposes. All employees of the Forestry Commission are committed to forest conservation education. Civic and social groups, scouts, science teachers and environmental organizations can request programs on forestry and related environmental subjects.

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