SC Forestry


2014-2015 Planting Season

As of August 15, 2014

Species Available
Ash, Green 890
Baldcypress 16,455
Carolina Sapphire Ctr SOLD OUT
Cedar, Eastern Red 5,000
Cedar, Eastern Red (2-0) 5,000
Clemson Greenspire CTR SOLD OUT
Crabapple, Southern 840
Dogwood 6,879
Improved CTR Longleaf Pine 949,402
Leyland Cypress CTR 10,164
Lob. Pine, 3rd Gen. Piedmont 324,496
Lob. Pine, 3rd.Gen. Coastal 246,149
Lob. Pine, BF 2nd Gen. Piedmont 360,496
Lob. Pine, BF Coastal 2nd. Gen. 508,610
Lob. Pine, CTR 3rd Gen. Co. SCFC-C1 1,369
Lob. Pine, CTR 3rd Gen. Pied. SCFC-P1 4,845
Longleaf Pine 167,534
Oak, Cherrybark 830
Oak, Gobbler 12,025
Oak, Live 9,854
Oak, Northern Red 12,121
Oak, Sawtooth 16,665
Oak, Swamp Chestnut 12,968
Oak, White (2-0) 7,862
Oak, Willow 12,025
Persimmon 560
Plum, Chickasaw 4,353
Shortleaf Pine SOLD OUT
Sycamore 5,438
Virginia Pine Christmas Tree Stock 6,829
White Pine (3-0) 18,540
Wire Grass CTR 1,000
Yellow Poplar 10,000





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