SC Forestry


2015-2016 Planting Season4

As of January 29, 2016



Species Available
Ash, Green N/A
Baldcypress 2,220
Blue Ice CTR 480
Carolina Sapphire CTR 608
Cedar, Eastern Red N/A
Clemson Greenspire CTR 1,312
Crabapple, Southern N/A
Dogwood N/A
Improved CTR Longleaf Pine 21,710
Leyland Cypress CTR 2,952
Lob. Pine, 2nd Gen. Coastal BF N/A
Lob. Pine, 2nd Gen. Pied. BF N/A
Lob. Pine, 3rd Gen. Coastal N/A
Lob. Pine, 3rd Gen. Piedmont N/A
Lob. Pine, CTR 3rd Gen. Co. SCFC-C1 N/A
Lob. Pine, CTR 3rd Gen. Pied. SCFC-P1 N/A
Longleaf Pine 1.5 Gen. 113,140
Longleaf Pine Natural Stand N/A
Magnolia, Southern N/A
Murray Cypress CTR 1,248
Oak, Cherrybark N/A
Oak, Chestnut 1,770
Oak, Chinkapin 330
Oak, Gobbler N/A
Oak, Live N/A
Oak, Northern Red 2,520
Oak, Pin N/A
Oak, Sawtooth 4,140
Oak, Shumard 380
Oak, Southern Red 3,880
Oak, Swamp Chestnut N/A
Oak, White N/A
Oak, Willow N/A
Persimmon N/A
Plum, Chickasaw N/A
Redbud, Eastern N/A
Shortleaf Pine N/A
Sycamore N/A
Virginia Pine Christmas Tree N/A
Walnut, Black N/A
White Pine N/A
Wire Grass CTR 2,000
Yellow Poplar 7,500







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