SC Forestry


2016-2017 Planting Season

As of October 17, 2016


Species Available
Ash, Green 840
Baldcypress N/A
Blue Ice CTR 288
Carolina Sapphire CTR N/A
Catalpa, Southern 680
Cedar, Eastern Red 13,300
Clemson Greenspire CTR 224
Crabapple, Southern 3,700
Dogwood 4,190
Improved CTR Longleaf Pine 272,000
Leyland Cypress CTR 4,464
Lob. Pine, 3rd Gen. Coastal 908,390
Lob. Pine, 3rd Gen. Piedmont 1,188,150
Lob. Pine, CTR 3rd Gen. Co. SCFC-C1 N/A
Lob. Pine, CTR 3rd Gen. Pied. SCFC-P1 N/A
Longleaf Pine 1.5 Gen. N/A
Magnolia, Southern 1,300
Murray Cypress CTR 4,200
Oak, Cherrybark 440
Oak, Chestnut 3,390
Oak, Chinkapin 1,890
Oak, Gobbler 2,820
Oak, Live 880
Oak, Northern Red 350
Oak, Nuttal 800
Oak, Overcup 700
Oak, Pin 4,750
Oak, Sawtooth 4,860
Oak, Shumard 4,750
Oak, Swamp Chestnut 350
Oak, White 330
Oak, Willow 6,400
Persimmon 4,540
Plum, Chickasaw 1,200
Redbud, Eastern 3,380
Shortleaf Pine 8,500
Sycamore 2,390
Virginia Pine Christmas Tree 15,500
Walnut, Black 2,550
White Pine N/A
Wire Grass CTR N/A
Yellow Poplar 6,740









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