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The South Carolina Forestry Commission has grown and distributed over 2.5 billion forest tree seedlings since our nursery operations began in 1928. It is the Forestry Commission's mission to provide high-quality, improved seedlings for the landowners of South Carolina. We also provide a wide variety of species and products to meet the ever-changing needs of large and small landowners to include wildlife plantings, windbreaks, streamside buffers, longleaf pine - wiregrass ecosystem restoration, wetland mitigation/restoration, and rooted cuttings and seedlings for Christmas trees.

Please read more below about our exciting new partnership with commercial seedling provider ArborGen, which now provides management services at our 60-year-old tree nursery in Edgefield County.


In April 2018, the South Carolina Forestry Commission entered into a partnership with commercial forestry seedling provider ArborGen, which will provide management services to operate the agency's Taylor Nursery in Trenton, S.C.

The collaboration represents a unique public-private partnership in which ArborGen now uses Taylor Nursery as a production facility for its portfolio of seedling genetics while the Commission retains ownership of the property. As part of the arrangement, ArborGen is making a substantial investment in modernizing the nursery's equipment and infrastructure, including irrigation systems, storage coolers, and seeding and harvesting equipment.

The Forestry Commission still determines its own seedling production goals - up to 5 million annually - for South Carolina landowners, who are still eligible to purchase seedlings at the Forestry Commission's approved prices on orders up to 100,000 seedlings.

View and/or download our 2021-22 seedling price guide now!

To check seedling availability and place seedling orders, call Taylor Nursery directly at (803) 275-3578. BE SURE TO ASK FOR THE SC RESIDENT/LANDOWNER DISCOUNT!


Seedling Availability at Taylor Nursery at SCFC Prices

Order trees with this Arborgen Customer Order Information Form.


Performance Rating System (PRS) Sheets for Loblolly Selections

The loblolly seedlings AG-88 and AG-757 are our most productive open-pollinated families for the Coastal and Piedmont regions, growing 66% and 98% more wood volume, respectively, than unimproved commercial checks. Both selections score an A grade for rust resistance and straightness. Contact SCFC Tree Improvement Specialist Carla Castro at (803) 683-1091 for more information.

We recommend seedling customers to use PRS sheets to compare the genetic quality of different seedling families. However, the PRS scores can vary widely for a single pine family depending on the commercial checklot that is used. To make it easier for our customers to compare seedlings from other nurseries, we have provided the PRS sheets for our loblolly pine selections with three commercial checks: 1) the CCC check which represents a broad coastal region, 2) the Georgia/Florida coastal check and 3) the South Carolina coastal check.

Below are the PRS sheets for our loblolly pine selections. When shopping for loblolly seedlings, remember to always ask for a PRS sheet for each selection you are considering and be sure to specify the commercial check that is used on the PRS sheet.

Coastal Plain Loblolly Pine Selection

AG-88 PRS Sheet using CCC Coastal check

AG-88 PRS Sheet using GA/FL Coastal check

AG-88 RS Sheet using SC Coastal check

Piedmont Loblolly Pine Selection

AG-757 PRS Sheet using SC/GA Piedmont check




Tree Planting Guidelines For Reforestation

Seedling Spacing/Trees Per Acre

When I Grow Up - "From a Seedling to a Tree - Mature Tree Shapes of the SC Forestry Commission's Forest Tree Nursery Seedlings"

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