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You can help protect the environment by using water quality guidelines during all forestry operations.  The guidelines, called Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Forestry, help reduce impacts from timber harvesting, site preparation, prescribed burning, and other activities.  BMPs are a part of good forest stewardship. BMP Forester with logger

What You Can Do

  1. Ensure that your written contract requires compliance with BMPs.
  2. Choose a logger or contractor who has completed the SC Forestry Association’s Timber Operations Professional program and is fully trained in proper application of BMPs.
  3. Request a BMP Courtesy Exam.  Your local SC Forestry Commission BMP Forester can provide free services to make sure your operation is in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  4. Inform your neighbors and fellow forest landowners about the importance of forestry BMPs.

What Are BMPs?

BMPs are scientifically based guidelines for protecting water quality and maintaining site productivity.  Proper use of BMPs will prevent erosion, sedimentation, and soil compaction.  Although non-regulatory, BMPs can also prevent violations of the US Clean Water Act, SC Pollution Control Act, and other laws and regulations that apply to forestry operations.

Some general examples of BMPs include:

Request a BMP Courtesy Exam

Email your request to: or
or contact your local Environmental Forester

Excellent Record of BMP Compliance in SC

SCFC conducts regular monitoring or BMP implementation and compliance to ensure effectiveness and seek further improvement in the program.  Currently, 98.6% of timber harvests in SC are in compliance with BMPs. 


Training and education programs are an important part of promoting BMPs.  SCFC provides BMP training for landowners, loggers, foresters, and other forestry professionals, and cooperates with SC Forestry Association and Clemson University in the Timber Operations Professional (TOP) Program.  For more information, check the Forestry Association of South Carolina website, which includes a calendar of upcoming training opportunities.



SC BMPs for Forestry


Monthly Courtesy Exam Reports

A Landowners Guide to Best Management Practices for Forestry


Compliance and Implementation Monitoring Reports

Additional Information


Interactive information of how forest lands provide surface drinking water supply for South Carolina (opens in a new window)


Forest Biomass Harvesting and Site Productivity Workshop Presentations - September 26, 2012

Growing interest in renewable energy creates the potential for woody biomass to emerge as a new market for South Carolina landowners.  Biomass harvesting may result in greater removal of woody material than traditional harvesting methods, and may require additional attention to minimize impacts.  This workshop will provide the latest information on forest site productivity and soil nutrition, soil factors affecting forest management, and Best Management Practices to maintain water quality, site productivity, and wildlife habitat during biomass harvesting.

The presentations from this workshop are below: 

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