Lee County

For Residential Yard Debris Burning, Call... 1-800-705-8612

For Forestry, Wildlife, or Agricultural Burning, or to Report a Wildfire, Call... 1-800-777-3473


For Fire Control Contact: Technician Supervisor: Cody Watts - (843) 621-4279

For Forest Management Contact: Project Forester: Jacob Goodnough - 843-662-5571

For Law Enforcement Contact: Technician Law Enforcement: Cody Watts - (843) 621-4279


BMP Forester: Eric West... Phone: (843)382-6955

Stewardship Forester: James Brunson ... Phone: (843)662-5571

Urban Forester: Lois Edwards... Phone: (864) 910-0139

Lynches River Unit
6725 Headquarters Road,
Wedgefield, SC 29168
Phone: (803)494-8488
Unit Forester:Kenny Robertson

Pee Dee Region
113 Forestry Commission Dr.
Florence, SC 29501
Phone: (843)662-5571
Regional Forester: Mike Ney

Lee County contains 262,611 acres of land - 138,446 acres of forestland.

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