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Seedling killed from standing water.
2016 Seedling Price Guide now available!

The success of the South Carolina Forestry Commission’s state-of-the-art orchard, nursery and tree improvement program is undeniable. Not only are we introducing the best genetic stock we’ve ever produced in our 3rd-generation loblolly seedlings, but we’re also lowering the price! Containerized longleaf prices have been slashed per-thousand as well, and as always we have nearly 40 other bareroot and containerized hardwoods and softwoods to choose from. Now taking orders year-round... Call us today!




Seedling killed from standing water.
USDA Approves EFRP Assistance for Counties in SC

The South Carolina USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) announced counties in South Carolina are approved to accept applications for the Emergency Forest Restoration Program (EFRP) to address flood damages. EFRP assists owners of non-industrial private forests with restoring forest health damaged by a natural disaster. EFRP sign-up will end May 30, 2016.





New urban forestry videos tout benefits of public green spaces

The urban forest is the aggregate of all vegetation and green spaces within communities that provide benefits vital to enriching the quality of life. Additionally, community forests are an integral part of large cities, rural areas, streets, backyards, parks, and open spaces. Community forests provide shade, beauty, and habitat for urban wildlife. Properly planted trees and other vegetation can reduce heating and cooling costs, intercept and store rainwater, improve air quality, and increase property values and local tax bases.




Planting trees.
Having trouble finding tree planters? We can help.

Hearing that landowners are having difficulty finding crews to plant seedlings this year, the South Carolina Forestry Commission surveyed tree planters on our current list to see if there was any in-state capacity available. Finding only minimal capacity, agency staff asked members of the Southern Group of State Foresters to contact tree planters in other states to see if they could help. Several vendors from across the South have contacted us, and we have compiled the list below including their contact information.




SCFC raises estimate of forestry’s economic impact loss from flooding to $100M

The South Carolina Forestry Commission has raised its estimate of economic impact loss to the state’s forest products industry from last year’s historic flooding to $100 million. The agency derived its initial impact assessment of $65 million in October 2015 from forest planting and inventory data, aerial surveillance, mill reports and consultations with foresters, loggers and landowners. Since then, the commission has surveyed nearly twice as many mills in addition to collecting more extensive feedback and data from landowners and foresters in the roughly 20-county swath most affected by the flood.


SCFC, SCFA announce forestry's $18.6 billion impact to SC economy

South Carolina Forestry Commission officials announced the economic impact of the forest products sector in grand fashion Tuesday, Aug. 18, unveiling a large wooden sign representing the industry's $18.6 billion contribution to the state's economy. The new economic impact figure was revealed at a statewide meeting of forestry professionals organized by the SCFC, the South Carolina Forestry Association and forest industry allies.


Forestry Commission's 2014 Forestry Report to the Governor and General Assembly (pdf)

Forestry Commission's Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report (pdf)

2014 Winter Storm Information

October 2015 Flood Information




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A Landowners Guide to Forestry in South Carolina - (pdf)



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The mission of the South Carolina Forestry Commission is to protect, promote, enhance, and nurture the forest lands of South Carolina in a manner consistent with achieving the greatest good for its citizens.

Responsibilities extend to all forest lands, both rural and urban, and to all associated forest values and amenities including, but not limited to, timber, wildlife, water quality, air quality, soil protection, recreation, and aesthetics.

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