Trees are an Investment
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Money does grow on trees.

Forestry is big business in South the tune of $17 billion in total economic impact to our state's economy. And it's growing! Our forests have recovered from Hurricane Hugo and we now have more wood than ever recorded. Existing mills have expanded and new mills are being built. When the new mills are all up and running, we'll be producing more forest products than ever before! Grant Forest Products Mill in Allendale

"But I thought the housing industry was in a recession."

You're right, we're in the middle of a downturn in residential construction. A housing correction occurs every decade or so. However, the long-term trend for the manufacture of forest products is up. We're in a growing industry.

Timber Products Mill Output Chart

"If we have so much wood, why do we need to plant more?"

Right now we have plenty of wood. But a recent decline in tree planting may affect our pulpwood supply in 10-12 years. Tree planting has dropped 55% since 2000 and you would have to go back to 1973 to find fewer trees being planted. Pines take 12-15 years to reach harvestable size, so we need to be putting trees in the ground right now!


Planting Chart

"It costs money to plant trees. What kind of return on my investment can I expect?"

Yes, there is an upfront cost in planting trees. The site preparation costs vary based on the previous land use. Agricultural lands, such as pasture, are the least expensive to plant. The seedling costs can be as low as $21 per acre. However, the return on your investment compares favorably with other investments like stocks, bonds, and real estate. A recent financial analysis showed a 13% return on investment (ROI) for plantation forestry. And this ROI can only increase if wood prices rise.


Forest industry is growing so trees need to be growing too.

For more detailed answers to your questions, download our GROW SOME GREEN brochure or contact the South Carolina Forestry Commission at 803-896-8800.

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