Environmental Benefits of Trees
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Trees add so much more to our quality of life than just as a source of revenue from the sale of forest products.

Air Quality        Trees remove pollutants from the air and replenish it with oxygen. A mature tree absorbs 13 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Tree tops.
Water Quality        Clean water flows from healthy forests. River outside Columbia.
Wildlife Habitat        Forest management can be designed to enhance biodiversity or to meet habitat needs for featured species. Turkeys in the forest.
Recreation        Forests are important areas for such outdoor recreationists as birdwatchers, hikers, hunters, nature photographers, horseback riders, and bikers. Biking on Harbsion.
Aesthetics        Trees in urban areas soften the visual images while reducing storm runoff, improving air quality and reducing energy consumption. Trees along Columbia's streets.
Climate Change        Trees reduce greenhouse gases by capturing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. For every ton of wood a forest grows, it removes 1.47 tons of carbon dioxide and replaces it with 1.07 tons of oxygen.

Columbia skyline

Forest industry is growing so trees need to be growing too.

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