How to Request Reimbursement
for VFA Fire Protection Grants

The S. C. Forestry Commission has received authorization to distribute matching federal funds to fire departments in South Carolina under the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program through the USDA Forest Serviceís National Fire Plan.

The VFA Grants are for purchasing equipment and supplies to meet your structural or wildland firefighting needs. Receipts for equipment purchased must match the equipment requested in your initial grant application.

The Fire Departmentís match can be direct expenditures for the purchase of supplies and equipment. The match can also be costs incurred by the department for wildland fire training or time spent on refurbishing or fabricating equipment (i.e. a brush truck). In either case, time spent by volunteer firemen to refurbish a brush truck or attend wildland fire training must be documented.

A checklist and all the forms needed for reimbursement are listed below. Your chairman, mayor, county administrator or other responsible official must complete and sign these forms to receive the reimbursement. Paid invoices must show the check number by which payment was made. Funded Fire Departments will be reimbursed one half of the amount of invoices submitted, but no more than the amount initially funded.

The CFDA # for this VFA grant is 10.664 and the FAIN number is 15-DG-11083145-001. Keep these numbers for auditing purposes.

If you need further information, contact VFA Coordinator Leslie Woodham at (803) 896-8809.


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