Outdoor Burning: Information, Regulations, and Assistance

If you want to burn...

Residential Yard Debris Burning

Toll-free numbers to call in each county for yard debris burning notification.

Don't let your fire get out of control

Forestry, Wildlife, and Agricultural Prescribed Burning

The procedure for burning for forestry, wildlife management, or agricultural purposes. This includes burning for wildfire hazard reduction, brush control, endangered species management, wildlife habitat improvement, plant disease control, crop residue removal, and preparation of land for planting trees or agricultural crops.

Other Burning: Land Clearing, Construction, ETC.

If adjacent to woods, brush, or grassland, state law requires you notify the Forestry Commission before burning any vegetative materials from land clearing activity or right-of-way maintenance. Also included is any outdoor burning conducted for training purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Burning (pdf)

Proper Disposal of Yard Debris (pdf)

How to Report a Wildfire

A wildfire is any fire burning out of control in forests, grasslands, or brush. All citizens are asked to report such fires immediately. If you see a wildfire: CALL 1-800-777-FIRE (3473).

Be prepared to give the dispatcher:

When reporting any emergency, try to be calm and speak clearly.

Wildfires can also be reported to 911 if that service is available in your county.

How to Report Woods Arson

Woods arson is a common term for deliberately burning forests, grasslands, or brush without the owner’s permission. It is a major cause of wildfire in South Carolina. Woods arson is felony under state law, punishable by fines of up to $5000 or imprisonment for up to 5 years.

If you have information about a woods arson case, you can report it to: (803) 896-8838

Please give as much information as you have available, to include:

The Forestry Commission does not offer rewards for information. You can also report woods arson to the Arson Hotline: CALL 1-800-92-ARSON

The Arson Hotline is answered 24 hours a day by the State Law Enforcement Division. You can report information anonymously, and rewards are available if your information leads to the arrest and indictment of a suspect.


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