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Prescibed Burning

State law requires that you notify the Forestry Commission prior to burning for forestry, wildlife management, or agricultural purposes. This includes burning for wildfire hazard reduction, brush control, endangered species management, wildlife habitat improvement, plant disease control, crop residue removal, and preparation of land for planting trees or agricultural crops.

The law also requires that you take precautions to prevent your fire from escaping. You must have an adequate firebreak around the area to be burned, and you must have enough personnel, tools, and equipment on hand to keep the fire under control at all times. All burning for forestry, wildlife, and agriculture must comply with Smoke Management Guidelines(pdf).

TO NOTIFY, CALL 1-800-777-3473.

You will be asked to provide:

The Fuel Load Estimation Guide was designed to help prescribed burners calculate fuel loads more accurately.

Benefits of Prescribed Fire

Laws and Regulations

SCFC Firebreak Plowing and Prescribed Fire Services

Certified Prescribed Fire Manager Program

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