Videos Available for Classroom Use

All videos listed below can be borrowed from SCFC Headquarters, Harbison State Forest, or Region and Area Offices.

America's Forests - A History of Resiliency and Recovery

Temperate Forest Foundation - 23 minutes
A history of forests and forestry in the United States.

Fire in the Southland

Tall Timbers Research Center - 18 minutes
This video covers the benefits of prescribed fire in some detail.

A Forest Vision

Temperate Forest Foundation - 14 minutes
Examines the concept of sustained yeild in planning the future of the forest. Some discussion of forestry and forest-related careers.

House - Where Why, and How: A Child’s Guide to the Origins of Everyday Stuff

Odyssey Productions - 9 minutes
A tale told from a tree’s perspective as it grows in the woods, travels to the mill and job site, and becomes part of a new house. The story ends with young seedlings planted to replace the tree. Helps children understand the links between raw materials and items in their everyday lives.

The Miracle Resource

Temperate Forest Foundation - 15 minutes
As world population increases, so does the demand for many finite resources. But wood is renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, durable, versatile, energy efficient, and non-toxic . . . in short, the miracle resource.

On the Fire Line

USDA Forest Service - two 23 minute programs
Fighting wildfire, nationally and in South Carolina.

The Right Choice

Temperate Forest Foundation - 12 minutes
A look at careers in the modern forest products industry.

Saluda to the Sea

SCFC - 9 minutes
Traces the course of the Saluda, then the Congaree and Santee Rivers in South Carolina, from the foothills of the Appalachians to the coast. Forester Jimmy Walters discusses the varied forest types found in our state, from the piedmont through the midlands to the lowcountry.

Southern Forest - Southern Heritage

Plan-It3 - 26 minutes
The history of southern forests, including commenst from southern landowners.

Tree Detectives

SCFC - 20 minutes
A Sherlock Holmes-type character leads viewers to an understanding of how a tree grows.

Two Sides of Fire

Temperate Forest Foundation - 15 minutes
Fire is a paradox - bad if it is wild and out of control, but good as a tool for forest management and wildfire hazard reduction.

The Urban Forest

USFS - 15 minutes
Cartoon characters interacting with real children examine the importance of nature in our daily lives.

What is a Forest?

SCFC - 23 minutes
Introduces the basics of forests and forest management. Explains what an ecosystem is and what terms like old growth, virgin forest, and wilderness mean. Then explains the concept of multiple-use forest management using a management plan.

The Will and the Visit

Reel Image Films - 18 minutes
These two related programs on one tape dramatize the plight of an old farmer who writes his will realizing he has exhausted the land he plans to leave to his son. A folksinger accompanies the story.

Yancey McLeod: Practicing Forest Stewardship

SCFC - 15 minutes
One South Carolina landowner's approach to stewardship of his land.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

SCFC -15 minutes
What the South Carolina Forestry Commission does - its history and services.

Your Home in the Line of Fire

SCFC - 15 minutes
An examination of the problem of wildfire in the forest interface. Fire behavior is briefly explained. Ways to protect your home from fire are examined in some detail. Accompanying brochure, Your Home in the Line of Fire.

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