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Discovering the Urban Forest Activity Book (opens in a new window)
An activity book. Three friends - Herb, Ann and Doris - discover an urban forest in the city.

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The Forest Fun Book(opens in a new window)
An activity book. Three boys - Stew, Ward and Chip - learn how to be stewards of the forest.

Harbison State Forest
Over 16 miles of roads and trails weave through this educational forest inside the city limits of Columbia.

Manchester State Forest
Located in an area rich in antebellum history, this state forest is a unique combination of piedmont and lowcountry vegetation.

Sand Hills State Forest
Located in the upstate Pee Dee this state forest is an extensive and ecologically rich pine forest reclaimed from eroded fields.

Describes the variety of services offered by the Forestry Commission from fire suppression to forest management.

Tree Care
How to plant and care for urban trees.

Tree Identification for South Carolina
To assist in identification of trees commonly found in South Carolina, illustrations of leaf and tree shapes are accompanied by a brief description of each tree.

Tree Protection During Construction
How to avoid common construction injuries to urban trees.

Tree Selection Guide
A chart describing trees commonly found in South Carolina, their recommended uses and growth rates.

What Tree is This?
To assist in tree identification. Illustrations of leaf and tree shapes are accompanied by a brief description of each tree.

Why Do Good Forest Managers Burn the Woods?
Describes the benefits of prescribed fire.

Your Home in the Line of Fire
The precautions you can take to protect your home from wildfire. Accompanying videotape, Your Home in the Line of Fire.

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Gifts of a Tree
The myriad products and benefits of trees are colorfully depicted in this 20 X 30" poster- from wood and paper products to clean air, clean water and wildlife habitat. Tree physiology and the process of photosynthesis are briefly explained.

One of America's Greatest Treasures...Our Forests
Colorful, with a patriotic theme, this 17" X 22" poster is accompanied by a short lesson plan/activity.

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Forest Stewardship
Interactive CD-ROM
Created especially for the southeastern United States, this multimedia reference tool begins with a brief, non-interactive introduction to the concept of stewardship forestry followed by a main menu which allows the user to explore five forest management options: aesthetics, timber, wildlife, recreation, soil & water.

Gifts of a Tree
Interactive CD-ROM
A very simple quiz for young children - a boy guides players through four areas around his house and asks them to identify things made from trees.

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All educational programs are correlated to State curriculum standards.

Project Learning Tree
An activity guide for pre-K through 8th grade is available to teachers who attend a six-hour Project Learning Tree workshop. The guide is full of activities and ideas for introducing environmental education into the standard curriculum. High school teachers can attend workshops to receive activity modules in forest issues, forestry ecology, solid waste management, and environmental risk.

Teaching KATE (Kids About The Environment)
A three-day, environmental education curriculum in forestry, soils, water, and wildlife available for entire classes from fourth grade through eighth grade. Spring and summer sessions are held at 4-H camps and taught by natural resources professionals. Pre-KATE is a one day curriculum to introduce third and fourth grade students to the study of natural resources.

An all-day fun and educational field trip for 4th grade classes. Learn about the many benefits of trees and forests and the value of wood and wood products. Offered in various locations statewide. Reservations required. Contact Harbison State Forest Environmental Education Center.

Harbison Environmental Education Center at Harbison State Forest, Columbia, SC, offers a variety of environmental education programs for groups of all ages. Teachers guide available.

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