Upcoming Educational Workshops - A list of the upcoming workshops.

WOOD MAGIC Forest Fair - Wood, Forests and Fun for Fifth Graders

South Carolina Teachers' Tour - Teaching Sustainable Forestry in Environmental Education

PLT - Project Learning Tree - Environmental education program designed for teachers and informal educators

Scouting Programs - Forestry Merit Badge, Cadette Naturalist Trees Badge, Gold Award Projects, and Eagle Scout Projects

Junior Forester Program - Harbison State Forest offers an outdoor educational experience with a little learning and a lot of fun.


Harbison State Forest School Programs - Standards-based outdoor environmental education programs for Grades 1-12 at Harbison State Forest. 3 hour program

SCFC In-School Education Programs - Standards-based environmental education programs for Grades K-12 at your school. 1 hour program

Homeschool and Summer Programs – Outdoor environmental education programs for grade bands K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 at Harbison State Forest. 2 hour program

LIVE Virtual Field Trip Programs – Live forest hikes streamed from Harbison State Forest for Grades 1, 3, and 5. 25 minute program

On-demand- A Virtual Field Trip: Forest Ecosystems at Harbison State Forest (YouTube) - Designed for the 3rd-5th grade, students will learn about forest organisms, the flow of energy through ecosystems, forest management, plant and animal adaptations for survival, and the conservation of natural resources. An accompanying student page can be downloaded here.




A Tree's Dream - (video) Teach your students about ways we are conserving Earth’s natural resources and protecting the environment through the “A Tree’s Dream” video and accompanying lessons.  Follow the dream of Tim the tree as he fulfills his dream of becoming part of a family’s home.

What Tree is This? - Tree Identification Booklet for South Carolina.

Forestry Tools - Learn some common forestry tools.

Forest Fast Breaks - Short, animated, fun videos that teach about natural resource topics

Publications and Links


Speakers and Field Trips - Need forestry related speakers for classroom visits, programs, clubs and group meetings? Educational programs are also available at all three State Forests.

Harbison Environmental Educational Center - The center is used for teacher workshops and training, forestry related meetings, and school visits with an emphasis on natural resources and environmental education.