International sales of forest products from South Carolina amounted to $1.41 billion in 2018, about 2% less than those reported in 2017 and 14% below export levels in 2014. Exports from the top three industries -Paper & Paperboard, woodpulp, and solid wood products- represented 52%, 33% and 9% of the total reported for 2018 respectively; whereas those from the three bottom sectors: wood furniture, wood chemicals, and equipment/machinery used for pulp/paper manufacturing, together accounted for the remaining 6%.

Thirty-nine percent of all wood products exports from South Carolina in 2018 corresponded to Asian markets, 27% to Europe and 17% to Mexico and Canada. Central/South America, Africa, and Australia/Oceania accounted for 12%, 3% and 2% of the state’s exports in 2018 respectively. The total number of trade partners in 2018 amounted to 126, the top five being China, Canada, Mexico the U.K. and India, which accounted for 42% of the total value of exports on that year.

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$1.41 Billion

2018 Total Exports

-1.55% Growth

Vs. 2017

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