South Carolina Forestry Commission
News Release

December 1, 2008

Arbor Day Becomes Arbor Week in South Carolina

(Columbia,SC)–-Arbor Day falls on Dec. 5th in South Carolina this year.  Governor Mark Sanford, in recognition of the importance of trees and the forestry industry in the Palmetto State, has taken the Arbor Day concept a step further and has declared this week Arbor Week.  (Proclamation attached.)

In addition to the aesthetic gifts trees give us by beautifying the landscape, forest industries impact the economy and provide livelihoods for South Carolina families.  The Forestry Commission encourages everyone to participate in one of the many Arbor Day activities taking place in communities across the state.  Here’s why:

Your local South Carolina Forestry Commission office is staffed with experts if you have questions about what type of tree to plant in your location and the proper way to plant it.  We can also offer tips to making sure it remains a healthy and vital part of your property for decades to come.




For more information, contact: Liz Gilland (803) 896-8864



The SC Forestry Commission’s mission is to protect and develop South Carolina’s forest resource.  For every $1.00 invested by SC in the Commission, the industry produces about $1,000.00 of economic impact.

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