South Carolina Forestry Commission
News Release

October 10, 2002


(Columbia,SC) - Top forestry professionals from business, government, and academia gathered in Columbia today looking for ways to use millions of trees killed by southern pine beetles.

Impaneled by the Governor, the Forest Disaster Salvage Council will try to develop strategies to reduce economic losses caused by the beetle. "Millions of dollars worth of timber are standing dead in the woods," said Council Chairman Ashley Faircloth. "Thatís a big loss to the landowner and a big loss to South Carolinaís economy."

Faircloth said the Council will look at tactics used in the massive forest salvage effort after Hurricane Hugo as well as those used to deal with less severe pine beetle epidemics. Complicating the Councilís task is low demand for southern pine pulpwood and an oversupply of finished wood products on the international market.

The current southern pine beetle epidemic is the worst on record in South Carolina, with more than $220 million in losses this year alone.


For more information, contact: Ashley Faircloth, 803-364-3470.
Governorís Forest Disaster Salvage Council PO Box 21707, Columbia, SC 29221

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