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July 18, 2012

Joggers, Bicyclists, Hikers Urged to Heed Signage at Harbison State Forest

(Columbia, SC)- Visitors to Harbison State Forest may notice sections of their favorite trails temporarily closed.

As part of its regular land management schedule for all Forestry Commission lands, approximately 130 acres of timber are due for harvest at Harbison.  Operations began today and are expected to continue for approximately three weeks in the eastern end of the forest.

The forest is located at 5600 Broad River Rd.

Portions of Firebreak Trail, Midlands Mountain Trail, and Crooked Pine Trail will be closed to visitors in the interest of public safety.  Use of heavy equipment and the chance for falling debris require the Commission to suspend access to these areas during this routine thinning.

Harbison State Forest staff have adequately marked restricted areas with signage and suggested routes.

Bounded along its northeastern edge by the Broad River, Harbison Environmental Education Forest encompasses 2,135 acres of forestland only nine miles from downtown Columbia.  Its unique urban location makes Harbison one of the largest public green spaces inside the city limits of a metropolitan area in the eastern United States.

More than 16 miles of roads and trails weave through the pine and hardwood forest, crossing wandering streams and descending through leafy glades to the Broad River.

Harbison’s emphasis is on natural resource education and providing demonstrations of responsible forestry practices, as well as recreation. Visitors are encouraged to come and enjoy this valuable urban forest.

The Forestry Commission’s lands statewide are entirely self-supporting, requiring no tax payer funds to operate.  The sale of valuable forest products and the collection of recreation fees allow the Commission to return 25% of forest revenue to local school systems in lieu of paying property taxes.

For more information on trail closings, call the Harbison State Forest Environmental Education Center at (803) 896-8890.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL SCOTT HAWKINS @ 803-360-2231 or (803) 896-8820




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