South Carolina Forestry Commission
News Release

June 28, 2002


(COLUMBIA, SC) - Lake dwellers may want to take advantage of a shoreline stabilization shrub available from Forestry Commission nurseries this winter. Called buttonbush, the shrub is highly touted for controlling erosion on lakeshores and streambanks.

Buttonbush is one of several new species offered because of specific environmental benefits. In addition to its value for erosion control, buttonbush’s white flowers attract butterflies during the summer and its seed provides food for ducks in fall and winter.

While buttonbush in its natural state may grow to a height of 15’-20’, it can be pruned periodically to maintain waterfront vistas.

Low water levels in lakes and streams this winter may provide a good opportunity for planting. Forestry Commission nurserymen say their supply of buttonbush is limited; orders should be placed early in July for winter delivery.

Price and order information is available on line at or by contacting any Forestry Commission office.


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