South Carolina Forestry Commission
News Release

June 27, 2006


(Columbia, SC) -- Tree seedlings may be ordered from the Forestry Commission beginning in July. Orders, filled on a first-come, first-served basis, will reserve seedlings for the winter planting season.

The Forestry Commission will offer almost seventy types of trees, shrubs, and grasses this year, including 17 selections of pine and 14 different oaks. Also available are baldcypress, red cedar, Atlantic white cedar, palmetto, and numerous miscellaneous hardwood species.

Available for the first time is a limited quantity of high-value loblolly pine developed by Cellfor, a Canadian biotech company. Virtually disease-free, these are the fastest growing pine seedlings ever offered by the Forestry Commission. By exclusive agreement with Cellfor, South Carolina’s state nursery system is the only one in the nation to market these seedlings.

State and federal forestry experts say demand for SC timber will boom over the next few years. Fueled by a heavy influx of new wood-using industry, this demand is expected to peak and stabilize around 2012.

According to Dr. Tim Adams of the Forestry Commission, the strengthening market offers an unusual opportunity for landowners. “Timber is a long-term investment,” said Adams. “If you want to take advantage of this market, you have to put trees in the ground now.”

Depending on species, orders may be scheduled for UPS shipping or for pick-up at the Commission’s Taylor Nursery in Edgefield County. More information is available on the web at or by calling the nursery at 803-275-3578.



For more information, contact: Ken Cabe, 803-896-8820.


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