South Carolina Forestry Commission
News Release

June 26, 2007


(Columbia, SC) -- Tree planting season doesnít begin for several months, but anyone wanting to Grow Some Green should plan to purchase seedlings soon. The South Carolina Forestry Commission will begin accepting seedling applications for bulk sales July 2.

The Forestry Commission has been in the seedling business for more than 80 years. For 2007 itís offering more than 50 different species of softwoods and hardwoods, including the Cabbage Palmetto, our beloved state tree.

Investment-minded landowners will be particularly interested in our new Loblolly Pine selections, Cellfor Elite (varieties Q3802 & L3791). These trees are designed to thrive in South Carolina. They are unsurpassed in growth, crop uniformity and disease resistance.

This year there will be a maximum order of 50,000 Longleaf Pine seedlings per household. There is increased demand for this species because the federal government has created incentives for its planting across the American South. In response, the Forestry Commission has increased production of this tree to 2 ľ million in an effort to keep up with demand. Early order for these seedlings is strongly advised. A seedling lottery will be held July 2nd in case orders for Longleaf Pine outnumber supplies.

Tree planting season is December through February, but the South Carolina Forestry Commission is working year-round in the interest of landowners wishing to make a financially and environmentally sound investment. For more information on this yearís seedling sales or for a catalog, call (803) 275-3578 or visit




For more information, contact Scott Hawkins (803) 896-8820




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