South Carolina Forestry Commission
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May 7, 2010


LTC Jason A Kirk and State Forester Gene Kodama sign MOU

(Columbia, SC)  The SC Forestry Commission and the US Army Corps of Engineers (Charleston Dist.) are setting very high standards for cooperation in the interest of South Carolina’s cherished wetlands.  A recently-signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) lays the groundwork for focused and consistent application of federal and state guidelines during forestry operations in these ecologically sensitive areas.


The agreement states that the Forestry Commission will provide USACE with technical assistance as requested on forestry activities.  Also, both agencies will ensure that advice and consultation given to landowners on construction projects and forestry practices impacting wetlands will be consistent.  In short, the MOU promises improved communications among the Forestry Commission, USACE, and the landowners they work for.


In turn, USACE will provide the Forestry Commission with technical assistance as it conducts operations under the Corps’ jurisdiction, including allowable activities and permitting requirements.


“One example of how this agreement can be put to good use is if a landowner had questions about properly building a road, he or she can now be guaranteed that the information from the Forestry Commission will be consistent with the information from the Army Corps of Engineers,” said Guy Sabin, environmental program manager for the Forestry Commission.


Additionally, USACE personnel will participate in logger and landowner training which will not only enhance understanding of forestry practices, but also build relationships among these groups.


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Editors:  For more information, contact Scott Hawkins, SCFC Public Information Office at (803) 896-8820

Photo caption: LTC Jason A. Kirk, P.E. and State Forester Henry E. Kodama sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the South Carolina Forestry Commission 


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