South Carolina Forestry Commission
News Release

April 30, 2007

South Carolina Forestry Commission to Lend Investigators to Georgia

(Columbia, SC) -- Two fire investigators from the South Carolina Forestry Commission have been dispatched to aid Georgia officials in their on-going battle in Waycross. Additional fire starts are occurring in the area.

South Carolina investigators will lend their expertise and manpower to the time consuming effort of investigating the origins of these new fires by tracking down leads and conducting interviews. These law enforcement efforts are a critical component in the fighting of wildfires.

The agency is also providing two more support personnel in the areas of safety and fire line management.

These four will join eight other SC Forestry Commission personnel who’ve been on the fire line with heavy equipment for nearly two weeks. The Sweat Farm Road/Big Turnaround fire has consumed about 80,000 acres making it the largest fire in Georgia history.



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