South Carolina Forestry Commission
News Release

February 20, 2009

“Those Precious Little Ones Grow Up So Fast…”
Forestry Commissions Seedlings Are at Peak Hardiness for Winter Planting

(Columbia,SC)–-Anyone considering purchasing seedlings in bulk from the South Carolina Forestry Commission should act now while those youngsters are at their best age for planting. Even now, supplies of some popular seedling varieties are still good. However, even if quantities of those trees are not an issue, their age soon will be. As winter planting season ends, so to does the seedlings’ peak planting phase. Now is the time to buy those lucrative loblolly pines or those majestic oaks. Learn more by visiting and clicking on the Seedling Sales link to the left of the page.



Editors, News Directors:  For more information, call Scott Hawkins at (803) 896-8820.

 The SC Forestry Commission’s mission is to protect and develop South Carolina’s forest resource.  For every $1.00 invested by SC in the Commission, the industry produces more than $1,000.00 of economic impact.


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