South Carolina Forestry Commission
News Release

January 10, 2008


(Columbia, SC) Ahead of what promises to be an aggressive and costly wildfire season in South Carolina, the state’s Forestry Commission will mark Wildfire Prevention Week with statewide push toward empowering everyone to be “Firewise.”

Each of the Commission’s three regions (Pee Dee, Piedmont and Coastal) will be distributing informational materials highlighting wildfire dangers, steps to protect homes and businesses and the elements of safe yard debris burning.  “Think before you burn” is the motto.

Mike Bozzo, SCFC prevention coordinator said, “It’s our goal to raise awareness that wildfires caused by careless yard debris burning pose a serious threat to homes each year.  In fact,” Bozzo added, “forty percent of all wildfires in South Carolina are caused by debris burning.”

Activities next week:  SCFC experts will demonstrate how to safely burn yard debris and will illustrate the potential for wildfire to spread in the current drought conditions.  Additionally, Forestry Commission personnel will be running “trap lines”.  This involves visiting stores and other businesses with heavy foot traffic and providing them with informational materials to hand out to customers.  Also, thousands of school children around the state will take home educational materials explaining the dangers of wildfire.

Who:  The South Carolina Forestry Commission

What:  SC’s Wildfire Prevention Week

When: Week of January 14, 2008

Where:  Statewide

Why:  The Southeastern drought has hit the Palmetto State particularly hard.  South Carolina’s wildfire season traditionally occurs from late winter through early spring.  Fires in recent months however have been uncharacteristically aggressive and numerous ahead of fire season.





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