South Carolina Forestry Commission
News Release

January 7, 2009


SC Forestry Commission Law Enforcement Chief David West swears in Winn McCaskill.

(Columbia,SC)–-Arsonists and those who commit timber fraud have more to worry about particularly in the forested areas of Lancaster and Chesterfield counties.  The South Carolina Forestry Commission has sworn in its newest law enforcement officer and Winn McCaskill is ready to get to work.

Mr. McCaskill, 30, is a graduate of Horry-Georgetown TEC having trained in forestry.  He’s been with the Forestry Commission since 2006, but now his job description has broadened.  As of today, Winn will add the duties, the authority and the responsibilities that come with being a fully fledged law enforcement officer in the state of South Carolina.  Timber fraud, arson investigation and public safety will account for most of his law enforcement activity. 

At the Criminal Justice Academy SCFC cadets receive practical instruction in firearms, pursuit driving, defensive tactics, and physical fitness.  McCaskill’s academic training included criminal law, search and seizure, and arrest procedures.  While his area of operation includes Chesterfield and Lancaster counties, Winn possess statewide jurisdiction.

Forestry and timber-related businesses constitute the number one manufacturing industry in South Carolina.  The South Carolina Forestry Commission is committed to protecting the Palmetto State’s public and private forest resources.  Look for SCFC officers like Winn McCaskill to aggressively uphold the law statewide in 2009.






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The SC Forestry Commission’s mission is to protect and develop South Carolina’s forest resource.  For every $1.00 invested by SC in the Commission, the industry produces about $1,000.00 of economic impact.

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