Fine Arts


  1. Andy Warhol Museum
  2. Ansel Adams Art Exhibit
  3. Chesley Bonestell
  4. Exploratorium, San Francisco
  5. Famous Artists Gallery, New York State Education Department
  6. The Heard Museum Indian Exhibits
  7. The Krannert Art Museum
  8. Leonardo da Vinci
  9. The Louvre
  10. National Museum of American Art Gopher Server
  11. National Museum of American Art Home Page
  12. New Guinea Sculpture Garden
  13. The Ohio State University at Newark, Art Gallery
  14. Pearl St. Online Gallery
  15. Rosen Sculpture Exhibition
  16. Smithsonian's Directory of Images
  17. Vatican Exhibit
  18. The Work of M.C. Escher
  19. World Arts Resources


  1. Beethoven Page
  2. Classical Music page, Mammoth Music Meta-list
  3. The Curtis Organ
  4. Euphonium Information Page
  5. Indiana University School of Music
  6. Leeds University
  7. Library of Congress - a music gopher server
  8. Music Instruction Software
  9. Music Research Sites
  10. Music Resources List at Indiana University
  11. The Renaissance Consort
  12. Trombone Home Page


  1. Drama Collection including Shakespeare's Plays
  2. The Paramount Theatre Web


  1. Lemon & Capers Morris
  2. WWW Virtual Library Dance Page