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Before a case can be scheduled for an Administrative or Judicial Hearing by one of our Regional Offices, the case is referred to the Central Parent Locate Service (CPLS) and the On-Line Locate Unit. The On-Line Locate Unit will perform appropriate preliminary searches for the Non-Custodial Parent (NCP). Depending on the nature and circumstances of the case, the On-Line Locate Unit obtains information from the SC Department of Motor Vehicles, the SC Department of Workforce, various public assistance programs, the SC Department of Corrections, the Electronic Parent Locator Network, the State Directory of New Hires, the Federal Parent Locator Service and credit reporting agencies.

Once the preliminary searches are completed by the On-Line Locate Unit, the case is sent to CPLS for the collection and verification of information to be used in securing and enforcing child support orders. Most often, the cases that arrive and are sent directly to CPLS are those with minimal or incomplete information, or information that is known to be outdated. The staff of CPLS examines the numerous sources available to it, compares the information found to that provided on the case referral or application, and determines the precise identity and location of the NCP. CPLS locates over 1,000 NCP's every month. This directly aids the regional legal offices in establishing more paternities and obtaining more support orders. In addition, CPLS is a resource that can be called upon by the regional legal offices in cases where the enforcement of a child support order proves difficult.

Other state child support agencies may use the resources available to the On-Line Locate Unit for quick locate requests. Such requests can be made by contacting the On-Line Locate Unit at 1-800-768-5858 or (803) 898-9341.

For further information regarding the Parent Locate Service, you may contact us at:

Child Support Services Division
Central Parent Locate Service
P. O. Box 1469
Columbia, SC 29202-1469

Phone: (803)898-9341 or 1-800-768-5858
Fax: (803)898-9262

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