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New Hire Reporting Disk and Tape Instructions

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The simplest and most efficient method of reporting a large number of New Hires is by sending us a file (in our format) via our On-line Reporting Site, or on diskette or tape. For the required record layout, click here. Employers may send tapes and diskettes to the address below or they can submit the file via our on-line reporting site at www.scnewhire.com.

Diskette Instructions

In order for the your data to be processed by our mainframe, you must submit the data according to our record layout in ASCII format. We can process only IBM formatted 3.5" floppy diskettes. Each record set consists of a single employer record followed by one or more employee records.

When using word processing or spreadsheet software to compile the New Hire data, you must "Export" or "Save As..." your data to a Fixed Length ASCII file, with no spaces or special characters between fields of each record. Each record (employer record or employee record) in the record layout will be a single line of your ASCII file. The first line will be the employer record followed by each employee record listed on a separate line. If you are reporting for multiple employers, you may "stack" the record sets on top of each other in the same file. For example, if you are reporting for three(3) employers with the first employer reporting two(2) New Hires, the second employer reporting five(5) New Hires, and the third employer reporting one(1) New Hire, your file will have the following format:

Line 1: First employer record
Lines 2 and 3: Employee records for the first employer
Line 4: Second employer record
Lines 5 through 9: Employee records for the second employer
Line 10: Third employer record
Line 11: Employee record for the third employer

To see how the example above would appear in the ASCII file, click here. We included a guide across the top of the file for reference only. You do not need to include this guide when you submit your data.

It is important to note that for our mainframe to recognize a record as an employer or an employee, the last character in the record layout must be an R or an E.

If you need any assistance with reporting by diskette, call New Hire Reporting at 1-888-454-5294.

Tape Instructions

You must submit your New Hire data, according to our record layout, on 3480/3490 Cartridge with the data set name appearing on an external label affixed to the cartridge. You must use IBM standard labels with a record length of 150 bytes and fixed block size of 15000 bytes. Tape density must be 1600 BPI or 6250 BPI. The interchange code must be EBCDIC.

If you need any assistance with reporting by tape, call New Hire Reporting at 1-888-454-5294.

Data Submission

Tapes and diskettes should be sent to:
South Carolina Department of Social Services
Child Support Enforcement Division
New Hire Reporting Program
P.O. Box 1469
Columbia, SC 29202-1469

The file containing the data may also be submitted via our on-line reporting site at www.scnewhire.com

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