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We provide a number of ways for employers to report newly hired or rehired employees. If an employer chooses to report by paper or fax, the employer is required to report all newly hired or rehired employees within 20 days of the hiring. If an employer chooses to report by magnetic media or by electronic means, the employer is required to report newly hired or rehired employees twice a month. Employers should report each employee only once after hiring or rehiring. The following data elements must be included in the report:

  1. Employer Name
  2. Employer Address
  3. Employer Federal Identification Number
  4. Employer Phone Number (optional)
  5. Employee Name
  6. Employee Address
  7. Employee Social Security Number
  8. Employee Date of Birth (optional)
  9. Employee Date of Hire (optional)

Tape and Diskette Reporting
Click here for detailed instructions including record layout.

W-4 Form
Employers may send a copy of the employee's W-4 Form, or any form that contains the data elements above, to the address below. Employers must remember to include the company's name, address, and Federal Employer Identification Number along with the copy of the W-4 Form.

Computer Printout
Each printout should have the employer's name, address, and federal identification number clearly printed at the top of each sheet. List employee information in the same format as shown above. Important: Please remember that we receive many reports in many different formats. Please be sure that all data is clear and legible.

Report Form
Employers may use the form provided on our Forms and Documents Page. Up to four employees may be reported on each form.

Electronic Means
Employers may report newly hired or rehired employees via our on-line reporting site at www.scnewhire.com.

Reports, diskettes, and tapes should be sent to:
South Carolina Department of Social Services
Child Support Enforcement Division
Attn: New Hire Reporting Program
Post Office Box 1469
Columbia, SC 29202-1469

W-4 Forms and Report Forms may be faxed to (803)898-9100.

If you have further questions, you may call us at (803)898-9235 or send us an e-mail message. For security reasons, we ask employers not to send New Hire information via e-mail.

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