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Filing Schedule

NovemberContact the State to obtain updated Specifications if necessary.
Mid-DecemberData Match Election Form due, where required, for the following year.
February 28Combined 1099/Data Match files due where permitted.
April 30Account file is due if the All Accounts Method is elected.
April 30Combined 1099/Data Match filers submit a supplemental file to complete their first quarter Data Match reporting.
QuarterlyMethod One (All Accounts Method) files are due 30 days after the end of each quarter. Where allowed, Update files are due. State will accept an All Accounts File in place of an Account Update File when necessary.
QuarterlyMethod Two (Matched Accounts Method) Inquiry File sent to institutions. Institutions must match this file against their records and remit a list of matched accounts within 30-45 days of receipt.

A completed Magnetic Media Transmitter Report, must accompany all Data Match Reports.


For those institutions which elect to recover the costs of performing the data match, the schedule of allowable fees are as follows:

  • For banks and credit unions, a flat-rate fee, not to exceed the cost of performing the match, up to $150 per quarter.

  • For securities brokerage institutions, which tend to have a more national scope and will be matched through the Federal Parent Locate Service (FPLS), reimbursement will be at the rate of $1 per matched name.

Upon notification of an account owned by a delinquent child support obligor, the Child Support Enforcement Division will send a written request to the financial institution to request that the account be frozen and the assets levied for payment of the child support debt. Any reasonable fees for the levy of account assets are a matter of individual financial institution policy and may be deducted from the account prior to remitting the balance to the CSED.

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