South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Dr. Irwin E. Philips Continues to Provide for the Needs of the Consumers

On March 19, 1971 Dr. Irwin E. Philips generously bequeathed the remainder of his estate to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health Commission as trustee.  Clause 8 of Dr. Philips will states:

Dr. Irwin E. Philips"All of the rest of my money, stocks and bonds, and debts and any other intangible personal property, and any of my tangible property hereinbefore designated for a specific legatee that is not accepted by such legatee, and remainder of my real property, in trust to the South Carolina Mental Health Commission or its successor, as trustee, to be used for the comfort and convenience of the patients or trainees generally or for the comfort and convenience of particular patients or trainees in a mental health facility under the control of the said Commission, including but not limited to providing items of personal comfort or gratification or money with which to purchase the same, to such patients, such use to be made pursuant to the intention hereby to provide for benefits to patients and trainees similar to those benefits provided at the time of the execution of this will by the State Hospital Volunteer Service, and the said Volunteer Service or its successor organization or group may be funded or otherwise assisted hereby in providing those benefits."

This gift originally $145,000 has grown to approximately $340,000.  The Office of Community Resource Development (Volunteer Program) is in the process of establishing the Irwin E. Philips' Fund for South Carolina Department of Mental Health Consumer Emergencies.  By using only the yearly interest, approximately $20,000, generated by the principal balance from the Irwin E. Philips' estate, Community Resource Development plans to meet special consumer emergency needs.   The Irwin E. Philips' fund has completed its first quarter, April-June 1999.   Sixteen applications were funded for this period for a total of $4,178.79.   The requests funded range from $83.24 for assistance to pay utilities to $600.00 for dental work and dentures.  This fund is available to SCDMH center/facilities.   An application for consumer needs may be obtained from the Community Resource Developer.

On February 10, 1965 Irwin Elwood Philips, M. D., of Bristol, Tennessee, joined the S. C. State Hospital  medical staff with assignment to the Remotivation Service.  Dr. Philips retired from the Department in 1973.  He was a native of Washington College, Tennessee.  He graduated for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a B. A. Degree and secured his Medical Degree at the University of Tennessee Medical School, Memphis, in 1931.  Dr. Philips had important medical appointments throughout his career, had been president of the Sullivan-Johnson County Medical Society, and was a delegate to the Tennessee House of Delegates. 

Dr. Philips observed the daily needs of the consumers and had the foresight to provide for them.  His generosity and concern for the needs of individual consumers is amazing. Even today, years after his death, Dr. Philips continues to provide for the needs of the consumers.


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