Things to Know
if someone in
your family has a
mental illness...

thingstoknow15.JPG (229632 bytes)
thingskids1.JPG (45670 bytes) It's not your fault.
No one can cause someone else to have a mental illness.
thingskids21.JPG (10072 bytes) Your feelings are okay.
It's okay to feel sad, lonely, angry, or confused.  Other kids have those feelings.
thingskids3.JPG (8318 bytes) Talk to someone you trust.
Talk your feelings out with someone you trust---
a family member, a guidance counselor, a teacher, or someone from your church, synagogue, or place of worship.
thingskids4.JPG (10021 bytes) Take care of yourself.
Start a hobby, read , join a group like the Scouts, participate in sports, or get involved in things you enjoy doing.
thingskids5.JPG (9906 bytes) It can get better.
With medicine and help from doctors and counselors and family and friends, people with a mental illness can get better.
thingskids6.JPG (10023 bytes) It's no joke.
People should never make fun of mental illness.  Ask your librarian, teacher, or guidance counselor to help you find information on mental illness.

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