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    School-Based Services: Building Bridges Between Home, Schools & Community

    Sponsored by: SC Department of Mental Health Children, Adolescents & Their Families (CAF).

    This site offers general child development resources and information for parents and teachers, who have or work with children with mental illnesses.

    The SC Department of Mental Health is dedicated to the development of school-based mental health programs across South Carolina. DMH provides mental health programs that are non-stigmatizing and easily accessible to children and their families in the local community. Our goal is to provide a mental health professional (MHP) in every public school in South Carolina.

    School-based Mission:
    Identify and intervene at early points in emotional disturbances and assist parents, teachers, and counselors in developing comprehensive strategies for resolving these disturbances.

    To learn about School-Based Services in your area, please contact your local Mental Health Center.

    Mental Health Center Interactive Map by County